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At Perpetua we can develop the furniture and lighting of your project, we can make your dreams come true. We work with different materials: wood, ironwork, marble, granite, fabric, leather.

Our custom furniture development process, consists of the following steps: 

  1. Visit (additional cost): We analyze the space, take photographic evidence, make and architectonic revision and ask for your expectations and needs.
  2. Project: We make a furniture proposition based on your concept. A preview of the proposed solution is presented.
  3. Presentation: We show the final proposed solution, solicited changes are analyzed, and pertinent changes are implemented.
  4. Approval: The order is placed and an authorization signature is solicited. In this stage, the furniture is defined with its final technical specifications, delivery times are established and an advance payment is presented.
  5. Production: The final furniture manufacture is carried out.
  6. Delivery



If you are interested in a custom furniture project, get in touch with us through our contact information here, or you can fill in the following form: